Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity: Logo Design Process - From sketch to print

The creation of a corporate identity is gradual, it is an in-depth process involving hours of research and refinement in order to achieve a foundation from which the business can expand their visual identity.

Although initial design concepts are discussed and explored, more is needed if a greater corporate identity is to be found. We strive to convey the true essence of your business through the design of your corporate identity. It is our ultimate goal to construct a lasting impact upon both new and potential customers with a stronger corporate identity that separates you from your competitors.

It is important for your business' motivations to be clearly communicated through your corporate identity. This is attained by carefully studying the structure and workings of your business. The end result? A sharper, more vocal corporate identity that strategically ties in with your products and services.

The logo is just the beginning of corporate identity

Now that you have a logo in place, it is necessary to properly fix it within your stationery and print designs. Business cards, letterheads, email signatures and newsletters all require applicable branding so an impression is made upon viewers. We have the know-how to expertly design appropriate corporate stationery that is consistent with, not only your logo, but your brand communication. This maintains the same essence of your corporate identity and follows through with strategically promoting your products and services.

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We offer professional corporate identity and stationery services that clearly represent your business. To start discussing new corporate branding possibilities, please get in touch with us. Whatever size your business, we are here to offer assistance.

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